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WMS Painting Division were asked by the local Housing Association to help one of their residents following a devastating water leak that damaged a room within their home. Calling on their expertise with regards to colour choices and wall coverings WMS sat down with the resident and identified the scheme of their choice before carrying out the work quickly and efficiently.

WMS Painting Division Manager James Gibbon said “ The boys enjoyed this one, Joel’s papering was a pleasure to watch, great job!” We think you’ll agree!

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WMS recently completed an extensive re-roofing project, acting as principal contractor, overseeing the removal of a large existing roof on a scheme and replacement with new.

Utilising the skillsets of their local sub-contractor base WMS delivered these works safely, on time and in full much to the delight of the client! WMS Contracts Manager Matt Kempster said “we’ve a fantastic relationship with our sub-contractors which we’ve built up steadily over many years. In many cases, with each other’s help, our businesses have grown alongside each other with a shared vision and a shared way of doings things. The results are great and working with the guys is a real pleasure, long may it continue, on to the next one!”

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Timber Cladding - The Sustainable Choice!

WMS were recently set a challenge by one of their long standing surveyor clients, “lets give this building a new lease of life!” and we think we may just have done it! WMS Contracts Manager Steve Fox explains “we were called in not to just only improve the dated appearance of the building (which serves as classrooms and dining hall of the local primary school) but also to improve its insulation credentials. Tests revealed the presence of asbestos within some areas which was subsequently removed and disposed of safely by specialist contractors prior to works starting. We then stripped the building of the original timber cladding before recycling it appropriately, repaired any timber battening etc, fitted appropriate insulation as specified before fixing he beautiful Siberian larch timber boards.” Completed ahead of programme the works appear to have had the desired effect! The headmaster Tim said “the children love it, there is a feel enthusiasm from everyone using the building now, it’s amazing!” Steve then went on to say “the cladding works were only one element of this project, we’ve also completed lighting works and pipework adaptations.”

We are sure you’ll agree timber always looks great in construction, wood for good!

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WMS were shocked when recently tasked with fully refurbishing a fire damaged void property for a valued local Housing Association client.

WMS Contracts Manager Paul Harris said “the before images show the severity of the fire and the damage it caused in a very short period of time. Fortunately there were no casualties.  WMS have a specialist cleaning team who were mobilised on instruction and were quickly able to get the property in some form of shape before we started work. It was then over to my multi skilled voids team to pull out the stops over 4 weeks and fully refurbish the property with electrics, carpentry, plumbing, plastering and decoration completed as quickly as possible. We are fully aware that empty voids cost our clients money and once again completed the refurbishment ahead of programme, we are really proud of the results!" (see after images).

WMS have specialist voids refurbishment teams across all 4 of their offices in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, feel free to contact us if you require our support! #voidrefurbishment #trustedcontractor

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WMS have recently completed a major refurbishment and reconfiguration project delivered in its entirety by its new WMS Somerset team!

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When faced with a faded, dirty, traffic film stained façade of this multi occupancy building located in a prominent inner ring road location in Newton Abbot - WMS Devon Painting identified the most appropriate solution for their valued client!

Calling on their trade knowledge (and the expertise of Dulux Trade Specification Manager) the through colour render was gently cleaned, treated and rinsed prior to application of mist and two coats of the most appropriate Dulux Trade Weathersfield Masonry system to specification. The colour was even mixed to match to the original façade shade!

Results achieved to date are stunning and WMS look forward to posting more images once the scaffolding has been struck!

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