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Torrington Town Hall

Torridge District Council

WMS are proud to be principal contractors for the completion of phase 1 &2 of the 5 phased renovation of Great Torrington Town Hall.

WMS were first engaged to remove several large and valuable portraits hung from the walls and remove sections of wall panelling, plasterwork and ornate ceiling cornice work following the finding of dry rot.
The next phase of work was to re-roof the main building. This involved protecting the building and contents with a temporary scaffold roof. WMS then removed the roof and re-roofed including large scale timber replacements, installing Photovoltaic (PV) roof panels, natural slate roofing and ornate leadwork.

Phase one start date 10-6-14 Completion date 25-10-14
In early June 2013 work commenced to re-construct and strengthen the main floor in the large hall including installing the steel pipework and electrical cabling for future phases.
The work included lifting the maple flooring to the main hall and adjoining side room, installing a steel framework and reinstating the maple flooring including replacing some damaged flooring with matching reclaimed flooring. Works completed in October 2013

Phase 2 Start date 17-2-14 Completion date 13-6-14
The complete renovation and redecoration of the main hall, adjacent small hall, and first floor room.
This phase also included restoration and repairs to lath & plaster walling, ceilings covings and cornicing following the damage caused by original roof leaks and dry rot outbreak.
It also included the replacement timber wall panelling to match the existing panelling including installing concealed cabling for stage lighting and audio equipment.
WMS provided options for the painting colour schemes in association with Dulux. The 3 rooms were totally refurbished and redecorated including the preparation, sanding and staining of the newly installed Maple flooring. WMS also reinstated the previously set aside valuable portraits.

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